Westland Survival Mod APK+OBB 1.8.2(Free Craft/Unlimited Coins/Money) Download

Now have unlimited food, faster travel on foot, faster upgrade, free building, and free crafts with Westland Survival Mod APK. Feel smooth and faster gameplay with a clear 3D game experience.
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Free Download Westland Survival Mod APK Latest Version

Suppose you ever get inspired by old western civilization. In that case, you must be a fan of the Westland Survival game, where you can fully experience the rule of power and live all their traditions, including Chaos. The game is designed attractively, with colorful graphics, an exciting storyline, 3D graphics, and realistic sounds. The play has everything, which is enough to give you a cowboy feel.

Westland Survival Mod APK+OBB (Free Craft/Unlimited Coins/Money) Download


At the start Of the game, the main character wakes up in a town where bad guys attack, and one of them wants to kill him. But as the hero of the game player knockdown enemy and change his clothes to continue the fight with other enemies.
So your work is to rebuild your house, which enemies destroyed, and create weapons for the fight. And find a way to survive in Westland. You will do everything to protect yourself from intruders.

About Mod APK:

In the game, your energy level depends on the food and water supply. Moreover, you make weapons and other stuff, and all for this, you need to play the game more often and collect, but Mod APK makes life easier by giving something extra. Do you what’s different? Let’s find out!

What Mod APK offer:

Free Crafts:

Now you have unlimited crafts from the start of the game. It would help if you no collected any art. Just roam around and find the proper place to use this. In the original game, you need to collect certain things first, using the craft button.

Free Building:

This feature is most prominent in Mod APK. You can build accessible buildings. In the original game, you collect related items by roaming around, and making buildings. Now you need to write For your house, for furniture, structure, and construction.

Free upgrade:

It’s necessary to Upgrade your weapons, created buildings, and other items from time to time for winning fights, and protect yourself from robbers and dangerous animals. Mod APK gives you the facility to free upgrade is faster than the original app.

Westland Survival Mod APK+OBB (Free Craft/Unlimited Coins/Money) Download

Unlimited Food and Water:

Your survival depends on the food supply, and in the official game, you need to fight for food. But with unlimited food from Mod APK, you will not lose in any battle as you have complete food to retain your energy level.

Fast travel on foot:

The game speed and progress speed depends on how fast you travel from one place to another. the only way is to travel fast on foot, which you can experience with mod APK. Otherwise, mod APK also gives a horse at the start of the game, completely solving your traveling problem.

Simple Gameplay:

The gameplay of Westland Survival is straightforward. The navigation buttons are on the left sideband other action buttons are on the right side of the screen.

Defeat enemies:

Just like the western culture of you having a gun, it means you can talk. You will solve all problems with guns, and that’s all. And in-game, you have many enemies to defeat. It could be bad guys, robbers, dangerous animals, etc. So, kill them or be ready to face death.

Westland Survival Mod APK+OBB (Free Craft/Unlimited Coins/Money) Download

Collect items:

If you have free time, walk around the land and find items that you can use to create useful stuff. Collect important loot and treasure from different places and rank your stats. Using gathered items are also accessible. Every piece of equipment will show an icon to use the article, and you can also see the strength.

Solve Quests:

These are like bouns stages, solve given quests and after completing you will reward with valuable items, experience, and money.
Solve little tasks and increase your rewards.

Trade with natives:

In-game, you need to Find items and crafts things, but if you gather unnecessary items, then no worries as you can trade those items with natives, and in return, you can get something you need.

Westland Survival Mod APK+OBB (Free Craft/Unlimited Coins/Money) Download

More About Westland survival ModAPK:

More importantly, you can play this with friends. To game also offers a multiplayer mode where you will connect with WiFi. This adventure RPG game is entirely free to download and gives you access to all in the purchase.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. No 1: What primary purpose of the game?
Answer: in the game, you aim to defeat all enemies and survive in challenging conditions and what you need in those difficult situations and all.
Q. No 2: is Mod APK safe to download?
Answer: it’s not safe to download mod files from the Internet as they can steal your data and can use it. But our provided link is entirely safe to download. You can clock on it without worrying about privacy.
Q.No 3: Is the Westland Survival game have any vehicle in it?
Answer: the game has only one way to travel fast and that is horses. Like the cowboy, you will ride horses to travel fast. Otherwise, you will walk on your feet.
Q.No 4: can I play offline with Mod APK too?
Answer: yes, you can play offline. You need the internet to download the APK file and then install it. After that, you can play it without any internet access.
Q.No 5: can I play with my friends?
Answer: if you have a proper internet connection, the game allows you to play with other players. You can defeat other online gamers and can gather loot with your friends. But for this mode, you need a WiFi connection.

Final verdict:

Westland Survival Mod APK is a gift for all fans and those who want to experience the life of power. Westland doesn’t tell what’s good and what’s wrong. There are people of two kinds, one strong and the other kind is weak. It depends on you that how you will survive in this game. There is no chance with mod APK not to stay in the game, but being strong is entirely in your hands. Use such features properly and rule the land.

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MOD Feature:

  • Free Craft
  • Unlimited Food
  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Menu


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