Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Gold) Download 2023

Allow me to introduce you to MOD APK of the world's most popular horse racing game name " Rival Stars Horse racing game," in which you can have unlimited Gold, weak components, premium free, and unlocked all levels.
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Free Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk Latest Version

A majority of horses are raced worldwide. A lot of people like horses and enjoy horse racing. Due to the incredible popularity of betting services, horses have a big prize pool. It’s no secret that the Rival Star horse racing game is a popular game for all horse lovers, regardless of whether they like racing or not. You can see many different breeds of horses and have the life of a horse rider in this game. It is pretty popular among horse racers since this is the only game with such details and allows you to learn many skills.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Gold) Download

About MOD APK:

In addition, the game has many in-app purchases, which is quite common in video games these days. In addition, for the game not to cause difficulties for you, you need to download the MOD APK, which gives you some extra features alongside the original game features. 

With all MOD features, this game is free to you and completely safe to download. For knowing about Rival star horse racing, MOD APK keeps reading.

What MOD APK offers:

Here is a basic MOD APK you can have after downloading it from the given link on the page.

Stronger than opponent:

Mod APK increases your chances of winning the game by making them weak. Automatically, results will be in your favor when your opponents can’t reach your level. Furthermore, you can rest your horse while you are participating in a tournament.

Unlimited Gold Coins:

Now You can buy any horse no matter how expensive it is. Your Gold and other required items will never decrease. Instead, they will increase with every use. You can buy other accessories from the shop or spend gold coins where ever you want to spend.

Unlocked levels:

Rather than spend your time winning all stages, MOD APK will unlock them for you, so you can select any stage from the storyline and play. You can play matches from other modes in the game as well.

Unlocked everything:

Like stages, games also have few items as a reward that you can only use after completing a specific task. So no need to write now, everything is unlocked, and you can use them whenever you want.

Premium free:

MOD APK gives you access to all premium features without spending real money on them. In short, you can do anything you want in the game as everything is unlocked. Experience playing Rival star horse racing without any limitations.

Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD Apk (Unlimited Money/Gold) Download


Controls for horses are pretty straightforward. Once you get familiar with controls, it is not difficult to win the Champion trophy.

Play the main storyline:

You are the son of a retired horse racer, and your grandfather also competed in horse races. At the start of the game, you can participate in a horse race, and your journey begins. It’s the most accessible model in the game, where you will play all stages to win the championship. In this, you visit different places and take part in a different tournament to win all trophies.

Take care and train your horses:

You buy horses and take horses to the trainers, and then they are ready to take part In a tournament. You start with one horse that cost 1000 coins, and then after winning more coins, you can buy other expensive breed horses.

Play online Take part in tournaments with your friends:

With an online mode, you can compete against other players worldwide and challenge your friends. It will never get boring while you play this game; you can race your friends and prove your racing skills.

Expand horse family:

This is not just about buying horses, you can breed two races together and create a unique horse that possesses all the characteristics at once, and then you have your very own horse. RSHR is the only game that provides this option.

Illustration and sound:

This game is so detailed. You can even feel the vibration of riding a horse. You can also control the horse according to your needs. All the landscapes are designed so well. You wouldn’t believe they are fake. Sound and graphics are designed realistically, more sharply, and perfect for experiencing real horse riding.

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Q.No: How to get the most vital horses?
Answer: One of the easiest ways to get horses with high qualities is to breed two good races of horses and create the best horse with characteristics of both good races. Otherwise, you can buy any horse.
Q.No: what're the requirements to train horses?
Answer: you need Acceleration Speed, Grains, Speed Feed, Sprint Feed, Tacks, And Standard Grain for starting training. Moreover, try to retain Gold and silver. These are also needed for every task in the game.
Q.No: how to upgrade my horse?
Answer: you can upgrade your horse by participating in the race. For this, click on race and then select the horse that you want to upgrade.
Q.No: what's Prestige in Rival Star Horse Racing?
Answer: it’s used to identify the level of the player. For instance, the player starts from prestige 1, and by completing goals level of prestige increases.

Final verdict:

Different game sites are full of cars, bikes, and other technical things. Meanwhile, the Rival star horse racing game gives you the experience of nature, and you can experience that what it feels like to ride a horse. Play such a detailed game and increase your knowledge about horses and their living style. Well, the tournaments are not easy to win. All computations need your full attention and skills, which you can only get after learning this. Now Mod APK gives you victory no matter how less-skilled you are. Mod APK gives you victory regardless of your skill level.

What's new

MOD Feature:

  • Weak Opponents
  • Unlimited Money



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