Kingdom Rush Mod Apk (All Heroes Unlocked) Latest Download 2023

If you are searching for a game played with different tower then download Kingdom Rush mod apk. It will give you unlimited money, unlimited gems and everything, all heroes unlocked, free shopping and free premium content.
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Free Download Kingdom Rush Mod Apk Latest Version

Are you looking for a game where you can compete with monsters? Kingdom rush mod apk is also one of the strategy games. But this game made its name in the audience due to its features. You will find many Hero’s that will work per your command. They can use magic to kill monsters. You will be given 4 different towers for your defense. You can unlock every feature with unlimited gems and unlimited money.

Kingdom Rush Mod Apk (All Heroes Unlocked) Latest Download

Introduction Of kingdom Rush Mod Apk

The kingdom is so famous game now. It does not need an introduction now. All of its series are very successful like kingdom frontier and kingdom vengeance. You will be king of your kingdom. But everything will not be easy. You have to fight with monster through different towers who wants to destroy your kingdom.

Heroes will also fight for your kingdom. You can make an army of heroes to cover your kingdom. You will play different levels and will gain more power. After each level, you will gain stars according to your performance. And you will also get spells with which you can kill monsters. Graphics has portrayed the image of ancient time so hurry up and get this cheats android game now.

Gameplay Of Kingdom Rush Mod Apk

If you have played other series of kingdoms then certainly you will be aware of its gameplay. At the introduction of the game, you will have your territory. But looks like a monster doesn’t want you to rule your land. You have to kill them by playing levels and becoming more powerful. You have to play different levels and obtain 3 stars at each in default mode.

After that, you will be able to play different challenges like heroic, iron and endless mode You can play levels as you want. It can be veteran, normal, and casual. You will face 60bkind of monsters and their 11 commanders. So you have to play very intelligently so you can win against them. You will also be given a magic trance for your protection. Use 4 different towers and kick their ass out of range.

Features Of Kingdom Rush Mod Apk

Take a look at why you should download this game

Talented Heroes

You can play with 12 different heroes in the game. 3 of them are unlocked and the remaining you have to unlock. These three are Sir. Geraldine, Alleria, and Malik. They are your special unit as you have command over them. Every hero has different abilities. They will play battles with monsters for you. And after every level, their energy will increase.

They will unlock their 2 new abilities after some levels. They also have a rating scale from 0-to 8. Which includes speed, health, and attack. They will not die after their defeat but will reveal after some time. They have features dame to enemies like attack, armor, speed, and hit point.

Defense Towers

You will have 4 different towers for your defense. They are named archers, mages, bombard, and militia. Archers tower will shoot the enemies with arrows. They get damaged physically and die. Bombard tower will give AoE damage to enemies.
Mage tower will injure the terrors magically. And they will not be able to recover. And militia tower will produce soldiers. They will fight with monsters and stop them from coming towards the kingdom. This tower will upgrade at a specific time and be divided into 16. Some towers are only present in special maps.

Kingdom Rush Mod Apk (All Heroes Unlocked) Latest Download

Magical Spell

Heros will be given two special spells. Number one is “call reinforcement”. This spell will spawn two soldiers when it will caste on them. It will be for some time. And number two is “rain of fire”. It will cause damage to the enemy that will not heal at the specific position.

Upgrading System

You can upgrade your towers using the stars which you earned in levels. With this upgrade, you will become more powerful. Your attack power, attack range, and attack rate will automatically increase. You can also unlock spells using starts.

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F A Qs

Q: How can I download kingdom rush mod apk securely?

You should try to download the kingdom rush mod apk from the links below if you want your devices to be secure and want to get money cheat.

Q what are the mods features of the kingdom rush ask?

If you will play with our mod you will receive unlimited gems, heroes will be unlocked and premium content will be free.


Kingdom rush mod apk is to be played intelligently. There is so abundant to seek in the game. You will have while playing with such talented heroes. They will use magical spells. And fight monsters. You can have fun with towers, monsters, different levels, and much more. The magical healing, powers of heroes are unbelievable. If you ask my conclusion you should download the kingdom rush mod apk. Don’t waste time and download it.

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MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems



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