kick the buddy MOD Apk (Unlocked all Weapon) Download 2023

Kick the Buddy MOD APK has unlimited coins and unlocks all items in inventory. It offers All unlocked stuff with less appearance of ads. Simple stress releasing games for older than 12.
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Free Download kick buddy MOD APK Latest Version

Kick buddy is Arcade stress releasing game published by Playgendary, and the last update was given on Feb 20, 2020. It a quite easy to play a game with no difficult stages and boss mode. It is designed funnily, so you get the chance to release your anger by smashing a funny fatty humanoid puppet. Hit him with different hitting stuff meant and wait to calm inner you and continue your real stress-free life. With Mod APK now, you can enjoy unlimited coins and all locked stuff to unlock after playing and winning coins in the game. With mod APK Rather than feeling angry, you feel cheery with eye-catching graphics and vibrant colors. All the unlimited fun stuff in the game, including the sound effects and, of course, the wooden puppet you’re just supposed to destroy.

kick the buddy MOD Apk (Unlocked all Weapon) Download

Features of kick the buddy game:

For further discussion about mod APK, first, let’s see the features of the original game.


If your best friend is with you, then everything becomes entertaining, or in other words, enjoying yourself alone tends to become boring when there is no one around to share your feelings. You can play this alone or with friends as you like. Kick the buddy offers a multiplayer mode in which you can invite your friends.

Advanced graphics with realistic physics:

You do not just throw an object; it hits the same target point; it is more complicated than that. Yes, every object requires your attention to put it right where you want. For instance, heavy objects require more skill if you’re used to tighter ones.

Numerous objects and categories:

If players smash the same wooden puppet with the same object, they may get bored. But having multiple ways to destroy the puppet gives a greater sense of satisfaction. Depending on your preferences, you can damage your wooden puppet with grenades, knives, bombs, acid, cutters, rockets, submachine guns, cold steel, and many other options. These all features are unlocked in the original game, but thanks to Mod APK, you can have all items and weapons without any delay.

kick the buddy MOD Apk (Unlocked all Weapon) Download

Features of Mod APK

The latest version of the game was released on Feb 20, 2020, which fixes all the bugs and offers a more interesting option.
Kick the buddy mod APK offers unlimited new and old items and coins. But, unfortunately, now the thing is locked.

Unlimited coins:

Now, you no need to spend hours winning 1000+ coins as you do with the usual Kick the Buddy game.
With mod APK, you have unlimited coins already saved in your account, which you can use to buy anything in inventory.

Unlimited items:

Not just unlimited coins, kick the Buddy mod APK and entertain you with unlimited items and stuff that’s all ready to use.
Unlimited expensive weapons like an atom bomb, and grenades are already unlocked for never-ending fun.

Safe to use:

Unlike other mod APKs, it is safe to use and download. You no need to worry about any viruses or corrupt files anymore.


If you have temper issues, then this game is the best choice for you.

Easy to play:

There are no such hard rules and regulations for this game. All you need is to select an object from inventory and then use it on the puppet. For this, you will click the target point on the screen.

Use your physics skills:

Moreover, targeting the puppet with different object differ and you need skills for that. And Mod APK has unlimited options to relax your self. All weapons need your full concentration, and it’s not as easy as it looks.

Change clothes of puppet:

You can change the shirts of a poor wooden puppet, and mod APK has all the expensive clothes and accessories unlocked for you.

kick the buddy MOD Apk (Unlocked all Weapon) Download

More about kick buddy Mod APK:

it can be downloaded on Android without any problem as it’s free of cost. In mod APK, you No need to root your device for initializing the download. Just click on the download and release your stress. Although there is a temptation to think that such games promote violence and hatred, psychologically, the results are the opposite. You are forced to endure a continuous stream of difficult times, torturing you, and you cannot take revenge, so what should you do in this situation? Well, some people scream in their room, and some people smash things around them!

Is it fair to damage yourself even after having a hard day? Definitely not! In kick the buddy, you can let out your anger by kicking wooden puppets in the game, which work like punching bags in the gym. The game is designed to give you a sense of relaxation, satisfaction, and stress-free real life. Now there’s no need to break things or cause violence around you. Just download it and let things smooth you.
Moreover, it’s ideal for some reasons if the players are adults. I mean, people over the age of 12 are best suited to play this game.


Q No: 1 # How to install Kick the buddy mod APK on PC?
Answer: kick the buddy is designed for Android yet. But with some emulators like (BlueStacks), you can download it on PC and Mac.
Q No: 2# is Kick the Buddy Mod APK offline?
Answer: kick the buddy mod APK is a simple offline game, which means you do not need an internet connection for starting the game. However, playing with friends, you need an internet or data connection.
Q No: 3# Do you have to pay for kick buddy mod APK?
Answer: the simple answer is it depends on you. Basically, it’s free for download, and some stuff is free for use. However, Premium offers to unlock certain weapons and stuff for a specific period like a week, month, or year depending on the package you buy.
Q No: 4# is Kick the buddy mod APK safe for kids?
Answer: because of its bright, sharp graphics and encouraging violence, this app is unsuitable for kids under 12. quite obvious to know that this kind of game affects little kids’ minds. So without hidden meaning, kick the buddy mod APK is not safe for kids.

Final verdict:

In the end, Kick the Buddy mod APK is the perfect stress-relieving game where you impose as much damage as you want. For, many people claim that this kind of game should not allow for kids. In mod APK, you can have unlimited coins and stuff for more ease of your mind. Even though age restrictions are in place, this game provides a virtual scenario that allows you to take revenge on your real-life enemy by considering that puppet to be that enemy. Also, games play an important role in soothing your soul with the same sense of satisfaction you get by hurting or breaking real people, the difference being you aren’t hurting any people.
A great choice for those with a bad temper.

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MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlocked all Weapon



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