Cooking Madness MOD APK 2.2.0 (Unlimited Money and Gems) Download 2023

Cooking Madness MOD APK Is a very Interested Arcade Android and ISO Game for free Download the Latest Full Version Restuarant Game for Food Quality Depend on this game play Download and Play MOD Version Unlimited Money and Gems. That is Support For Android 4.4 Version Fastly play.
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Experience some of the most fascinating and hands-on cooking challenges with your top chef as you play Cooking Madness MOD APK. By preparing the cuisine yourself, cooking it, and taking orders from guests, you’ll be able to experience all three stages of the restaurant business. Android gamers will undoubtedly become thoroughly engrossed in Cooking Madness’ experiences because there are so many things to do.

Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) Download

Informational About Cooking Madness MOD APK:

App Name Cooking Madness MOD APK
Latest Version v2.2.0
Size 152 MB
Developed By ZenLife Games
Platform Android
Requirement Android 4.4+
Worldwide Downloads 100M+
MOD Features Unlimited Money and Gems
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Introduction Of Cooking Madness MOD APK:

A number of fantastic cooking challenges will challenge gamers as they take on the role of a top chef. Consider taking on the entire cooking and serving tasks yourself as you prepare, take orders, cook, and serve the items. In order to complete the challenges, you will have to work extremely hard with a large number of customers arriving.

A variety of locations, each with its own niche cuisine, will be featured in Cooking Madness, where you’ll compete in the ultimate cooking competitions. Organize a kitchen to prepare meals for many customers, each with their own preferences. Ensure that your clients’ plates are filled with the most delicious food and that you provide the best service you can.

Your hard work will pay off, and you’ll be able to enhance your kits in a variety of ways. Complete hundreds of challenging levels as you complete thrilling tasks. There is plenty of interesting content and amazing gameplay in the arcade that is sure to impress Android players who are interested.


The game I am playing at the moment is one of the best games I have ever played. I can’t play another game until I’ve finished this one. The next episode is waiting for me eagerly. Despite my efforts, I came second to the real chef in the context. If you don’t think fast enough, you can’t capture cooking madness, which is so sweet and so fast. However, level 1681 has not yet arrived. My eagerness for the next chapter is contagious. This is one of my favorite games. Space Restaurant with alien customers and space foods and drinks is a unique restaurant that should be added to your list. Cooking Madness is named after this reason. Outer space isn’t immune to madness. We’d love to see unique restaurants added to the list, not just country restaurants! It is frustrating rather than challenging, so I would appreciate it if you balanced some levels.

Feature Of Cooking Madness MOD APK:

Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) Download

Serving a wide range of consumers:

If a customer shows up without the ingredients, you won’t be able to complete the order. It is necessary to purchase and upgrade these materials in a store in order to get the best quality. A few items will be ordered by the initial visitors. During the game, you will be forced to react quickly to avoid losing, so you must react at the right time. Furthermore, you must follow the recipes exactly because the recipes are so varied. The game is not challenging, but it appeals to food enthusiasts because of this point.

Becoming a famous chef requires improving your service:

Your work will be compelled to increase as you go through the stages. Players are, however, forced to update their systems as a result of this. The preparation process can be made more convenient and agile by improving and purchasing more kitchen equipment. There will be a need to purchase a multitude of fresh knives when preparing and processing various delicacies. Special processes are required to preserve the freshness of the ingredients. As well as improving the quality of the material, you should improve its durability. There is a significant difference in price between Kobe beef and regular beef.

Heartwarming, visually stunning cooking game:

Visuals are important when it comes to connecting with users these days since there are so many games available. Social networking sites are used to promote the game in a professional manner. In spite of this, the image in the game is quite different from what you would expect. As opposed to that, Cooking Madness’s designs are authentic and welcoming, evoking an atmosphere of welcome and comfort.

Despite his round figure and cheerful demeanor, our chef always has a bright smile on his face. He looks French or Italian due to his facial features and beard. Chefs from these nations always produce the tastiest food. Moreover, this chef creates dishes that have a lot of appeals. It goes without saying that they are the most recent and greatest photographs of cuisine. Illustrations for the game were carefully researched and created by the game’s illustrators. There is a sense of freshness to the ingredients, vegetables, shrimp, meat, fish, and so forth.

Discover the best cuisine around the world:

In a less-than-spectacular setting, players are hardly surprised to start their careers. Restaurant owners don’t improve as chefs. Because of this, the player won’t be seated permanently in a restaurant. Through each stage, a higher degree of difficulty will be added to the procedure. Furthermore, every level will offer a unique challenge, which cannot be duplicated. Similarly, having many visitors creates a lot of demand, and they have distinct objectives.

Each stage unlocks a new recipe:

As a tour guide, you’ll serve meals and drinks around the world to people from all over the world. This means that each location requires its own set of dishes. It’s common to serve hamburgers in the United States, but it’s not common in China to know how to boil rice or prepare traditional Chinese food. According to your stage and experience, you will be able to unlock new recipes. It will take some time to memorize these recipes so that you can serve at the fastest possible speed. Long waits will drive customers away. It will have devastating ramifications. The order ends up costing you money, damaging your reputation, and trapping you for good.

Set a clear goal for yourself:

There’s no doubt about it! For more stars and to progress to the next level, you must meet certain objectives for each level. There are two ways to earn Coins during a level: either you earn a certain number or you serve specific foods. If you fail the level, you will lose money, so you cannot throw food away sometimes, and you cannot burn any food. In order to complete the level, you need to pay attention to the Goals that are assigned to you before the level starts.

Continue your quests and explore new regions:

Meanwhile, Cooking Madness provides you with a huge variety of quests and levels, along with fascinating new spots to discover on the map. Start an exciting culinary game that challenges you to use your best skills to complete exciting and fascinating objectives. The game will also become increasingly challenging with every new location, to keep it exciting and engaging. Due to this, gamers of all skill levels will find the game much more interesting and enjoyable.

Cooking Madness MOD APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) Download

Thrilling and fast-paced:

If you enjoy mobile cooking games, you’ll love Cooking Madness’ fast-paced, addictive gameplay. In Creating Madness, you can use a variety of ingredients and equipment to prepare a variety of dishes while sprinting from restaurant to restaurant.

Enjoy cooking with your excellent techniques and time management skills while investigating the chaos at your restaurants during rush hour. The levels in Cooking Madness are designed to be completed by tapping like crazy. Serve customers quickly after receiving orders, preparing dishes, plating them, and serving them. Combine food quickly and effectively to earn special benefits. A packed restaurant kitchen during rush hour will be accurately recreated in Cooking Madness. This time, it’s you who’ll have to face addictive and thrilling challenges.

You can’t afford to lose a single customer:

You may have noticed that your client has a green line next to him or her. The way people wait for their food shows their level of relaxation or agitation. The stages will become more difficult as you progress, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on any great prizes. Remodeling your kitchen regularly will help you stay current.

You can prepare multiple items at once with an improved oven, and you can serve more drinks with an upgraded soda maker, as well as better french fries because the existing one is slow. If you keep your customers waiting for too long, they’ll get extremely annoyed if you modernize your restaurant only to save money.

Don’t overuse boosts:

In order to get the most out of this booster, it’s best to purchase them before starting the level rather than afterward, when you have the option to spend 67 Diamonds on it. When you know that the next level will be challenging, buy the Boost, and don’t worry about losing. There is a limit of three attempts at each level. Upon completion, you will receive diamonds. A pink level implies further points can be earned by replaying it.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money and gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything
  • MOD Menu

How to Install and Download Cooking Madness MOD APK:


  • You have to click mainly on the Install Mod Apk button.
  • Ascertain if third-party applications are permitted on your smartphone by going to settings and checking unknown resources.
  • Install the “Cooking Madness MOD APK” application on your Android device.
  • Adhere to the directions provided.
  • Open the MOD APK application and use the app’s infinite resources

How to install Cooking Madness MOD APK On PC?

how to install pc?

FAQs About Cooking Madness MOD Apk:

Q: What is the process of getting trophies in cooking madness?
Completing all stages and collecting enough keys will unlock the Trophy Challenge. You can win trophies through the Trophy Challenge.
Q: In cooking madness, how many words are there?
In order to cook in a restaurant and fast food joint, you cannot use the same ingredients. There are two worlds, each with its own levels and kitchens.


What's new

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money and gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Everything
  • MOD Menu



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