Punch Hero MOD APK 1.4.9 (Unlimited Money And Cash) Free Download 2023

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Free to download on iOS and Android, a fighting game by Gamevil. Playing this boxing game is one of the most enjoyable and addictive experiences of my life. Punch-Out Classic is designed to draw inspiration from one of Nintendo’s last arcade game series from the 1980s, Punch-Out.

Punch Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money And Cash) Free Download

Informational About Punch Hero MOD APK:

App Name Punch Hero MOD APK
Latest Version v1.4.9
Size 27 MB
Developed By GAMEVIL
Platform Android
Requirement Android 4.1+
Worldwide Downloads 549.4 k
MOD Features Unlimited Money And Cash
Get the original app on Google-PlayStore-apksprofree.com

Introduction Punch Hero MOD APK:

In the training center, you can learn strength, hooks, and grippers; in the skill store, you can learn special abilities and moves. APK Punch Hero Cheats are so addictive because of the fun 3D graphics. For those who accidentally touch the game, it can be a tough challenge. The story of Punch Hero is similar to that of Punch-Out. To play the arcade mode, just choose your character. There are 18 opponents to go up against, and each one brings new challenges.

There is no perfect way of thinking in the participants. However, you won’t be disappointed. A soccer player’s soul, a samurai’s soul, and a pirate’s soul are all faced with you in arcade mode. Players must exploit their weaknesses to fight their opponents since each opponent plays differently. Their opponents play by their own rules. For example, you need to know how to perform “Jabs”, “Hooks” “Uppercuts,” “Blocks” and “Weaves” if you want to win. Your reflexes are one of the most important things in this game.

Punch Hero MOD APK Features:

Keep your studies in focus:

You should focus on learning how to place correctly and avoiding getting hit – an effective strategy is to wait out the entire game and not to strike, since most boxers are faster than you and, even if both of you start the uppercut at the same time, your opponent will hit first. Make sure you keep an eye on him and weave a response – you’ll score a lot more critical hits this way, and even basic jabs can be deadly!

Punch Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money And Cash) Free Download

Take part in a competition for amateurs:

The amateur fight is a great way to gain gold and experience points even if you have the very least amount of health. Due to how quickly battles go when you start them with virtually no energy, coupled with the fact that the amateur circuit pays more for losing than it does for winning, you can still earn significantly more gold losing on the amateur circuit than winning on the arcade circuit.

Simplicity of Gameplay:

You have to beat 22 opponents in Punch Hero APK. Their personalities are all different, as are their strengths and weaknesses. Identify their weaknesses and help them overcome them. Naturally, you need to know boxing well. Your defensive and offensive skills will determine the outcome of the match. Winners receive gold prizes. For your next match, you can make use of this gold by buying new skills, uses, and training. Having more skills and habits, as well as more powerful opponents, will obviously raise your level if you are good enough. Buying in-app services can help you get things done faster. Since you can only purchase it through customs at the highest level, I don’t think it’s necessary.

Developing user-friendly programs:

Punch Hero’s user-friendly design is one of its best features. Children can certainly play the game without any problems. Obviously, this game is not recommended for kids due to its cheekiness. If you wish to get a superior cut, swipe up after the stitch and swipe left to do the shank. Set a guard by holding the screen for several seconds.

Touching the screen also allows you to move your hand across the screen and perform various actions. In order to get back up after falling, for example, you have to tap quickly on the screen. This game improves both reflexes and hand-eye coordination.


For easy unlocking of hooks and uppercuts, enter a battle as quickly as you can, making sure to repeatedly press the uppercut or hook action and dodge button at the same time. During the dodge, hooks and uppercuts will keep getting cut off, but each one will stack up FAR faster than if they could complete the whole move.

Even if you don’t win a trophy in the amateur round, you will still be able to receive a substantial amount of gold for participating. Spend all of the money you accumulate on recovery therapies so that after an entire competition around, you will have a large sum of gold to spend on recovery so that when you enter the competition again, you will focus on winning and won’t have to worry about losing.

Punch Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money And Cash) Free Download

An attack series:

You should dodge to the right when you punch and avoid randomly in a fight. There are very few circumstances in which the enemy punches with his left hand (your right) rather than his right. After you gain a better handle on the game, you can set up massive attack sequences by dodging in both directions and making successful sidesteps.

Boxing at its best:

The simulation of your boxing skills in this game is quite good if you pay attention. The developers have done a good job of slowing down when dodging hits. Making rapid progress can be challenging because you have to learn this skill first. You can also learn boxing languages by playing this game. With the exception of the strange opponents, everything else in this game is authentic. Boxing fans will not be disappointed.

Music Effects:

As well as the audio system, the makers take care of it. For example, the soundtrack is pleasant, and opponents cry when a hit is flawless. It has to be the sound effects that make Punch Hero so special. In addition, we enjoy the sound effects the most in the game. They are humorous and serious at the same time. It is also possible to quickly change the volume of the game and muffle it if necessary. On the other hand, Punch Hero without sound is no longer the same. Please bring your headphones with you to the event!

Buying tools, boxing equipment, and gold packages with money is an essential part of the game. Due to the limited amount of money we have to spend, we are unable to utilize premium equipment in the standard edition of the game, thus losing to more powerful players. Thus, the Punch Hero Mod Apk includes an unlimited money feature that will allow you to buy anything from the game store without spending any money.

Gold that never expires:

A character’s clothing and accessories can be purchased with gold, the game’s premium currency. Obtaining gold, however, requires us to complete a number of difficult levels that take a great deal of time and effort to complete. Hence, I have shared with you an Punch Hero that allows you to use unlimited gold.

Upgraded and unlocked characters:

In this game, players can choose from a variety of characters that each have their own strengths and moves. However, most of the powerful characters are locked, and if we wish to unlock them, we must spend real money in the game store to unlock them. The maximum level of skills for all characters in Punch Hero Mod Apk is unlocked.

Health for Life:

This is the most useful feature of the updated Punch Hero game. This feature allows you to never run out of health, ensuring your victory in every game.

  • The amount of money is unlimited
  • when MOD is unlocked

Why Can’t I Get The MOD Version On Google Play?

The Google Play store has millions of games and apps, and to be in the store apps must meet certain requirements. Because Google Play Store does not offer modded or premium versions of any applications, Punch Hero MOD APK does not comply with the rules set by Google. The Google Play Store does not offer this game, which is the reason why.

How to Install and Download Punch Hero MOD APK:


  • You have to click mainly on the Install Mod Apk button.
  • Ascertain if third-party applications are permitted on your smartphone by going to settings and checking unknown resources.
  • Install the “Punch Hero MOD APK” application on your Android device.
  • Adhere to the directions provided.
  • Open the MOD APK application and use the app’s infinite resources

How to install Punch Hero MOD APK On PC?

how to install pc?


Single-player and two-player modes are available in Punch Hero. Internet or WiFi is not required for the single-player mode. Offline play is possible, and the system calculates the results. To reach the highest rank, you must fight with other fighters in single-player mode. Initially, each player has different stats, but then the boxer beats their rating significantly to make the game more difficult. This forces the player to adopt a certain tactic. However, you must pay online with a partner if you wish to play with someone. When playing with a partner, you can converse with them. Our hands move constantly, so this function is of no use to us.

What's new

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money and Cash



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