Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk+OBB (Unlimited Coin/Gems) Download 2023

Pixel Gun 3D Mod is a fun-featured game and involves shooting. It is an action video game that is designed for all smartphones. Pixel gun 3D Mod Apk is an advanced version of this game that is designed only for Androids. It is a multiplayer shooter game, an FBS shooter game.
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Pixel Gun 3D
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Free Download Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk Latest Version

Pixel Gun 3D Mod is a fun-featured game that involves shooting. It is an action video game that is designed for all smartphones. Pixel gun 3D Mod Apk is an advanced version of this game that is designed only for Androids. It is a multiplayer shooter game, an FBS shooter game.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk+OBB (Unlimited Coin/Gems) Download

Main features of Pixel gun Mod Apk:

It was firstly released on May 02, 2013. Publishers of cubic games publish it. Its platform is Android only. The languages of this game are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish



Pixel gun Mod Apk is a customized game because all the players’ characters choose and play. At the start of the game, the player has to choose any customized character. While using a character, the play should keep such things under consideration as which weapons he should use depending on their qualities.


Pixel gun Mod Apk was last updated on April 30, 2021.

Latest version:

Its latest version is 21.3.1.

Various modes of the game:

In this game, we have also to choose a brawler. Various modes of this game are:

  • Battle Royale
  • Raids
  • Death Match
  • Duels


Various costumes and skins are available for the players in this game. Skins may include; Orc, a skeleton, and also extra-detailed skin. There are various unlocked costumes available for the gratis. Every costume is associated with a brawler, and each brawler has unique characteristics and features.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk+OBB (Unlimited Coin/Gems) Download

Various events:

Many events are organized for the players on the battlefield. Some are:

  • Sniper tournament
  • Parkour challenge
  • Glider rush


Many improvements have been made in the latest version. Improvements in the various modes, armor, shooting, weapons, and brawlers have been made.

Various categories of weapons:

Pixel gun Mod Apk utilizes various types of weapons, namely:

  • Assault rifles
  • Machines
  • Pistols
  • Handguns
  • Swords
  • Hatchets
  • Flamethrowers
  • Regular sniper rifles
  • Explosive weapons

Weapons are used to fight with opponents and defeat them. Each type of weapon is linked with a special character called ‘Brawler.’ In this advanced version, unlimited weapons are available. Weapons are also used for self-defense. There is a total of 363 weapons linked in various ways to the brawlers. In this advanced version, we can discover all the types of weapons-free of cost. This is not a time-consuming game, and you can play it whenever you get free time.

Various types of chests:

Various types of chests have been developed, namely;

Lucky chests

Fighter chest


Winner’s chests

Battle chests

Each new weapon can be discovered in the next upcoming level. There is money required to upgrade the weapons, but we can upgrade them free of cost in this version.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk+OBB (Unlimited Coin/Gems) Download

Some players in a game:

Four players can play this game simultaneously, and the player who wins the game is awarded many coins and gems. Different modes of Pixel gun Mod Apk:

There are different types of Pixel Gun Mod Apk, namely;

  • Battle Royale mode
  • Cooperative mode
  • Survival campaign

Battle Royale mode:

In this mode, you are free to play, and unlimited gunshots are available. This mode is arranged on a large scale, and the one who wins the game is the boss. There are some players involved in this mode. In this mode, you can shoot randomly without seeing the surrounding.

Cooperative mode:

In this mode, 4 players are involved, and all the players make a team-up. One team goes against the other team, and the winning team gets all the benefits. There are various maps where you can see opponent team players team and make your own strategy to play the game.

Survival campaign:

This mode is not simple; you have to face many fierce creatures like ZOMBIES. There are thieves and policemen in your path as a hurdle. Also, you’ve to face different enemies and monsters. If you eliminate all the enemies, then there are chances for you too. Succeed; Otherwise, you have to face many hurdles.


All the characters are customized, like ZOMBIES, brawlers, etc. There are more detailed graphics in this mode. Each weapon is given special characteristics. Many rhythms of the songs have also been published. All the customization is HD. There are also FPS shooters.



Multiplayer as an online mode:

Many players are involved in playing the game; therefore, it is also a ‘multiplayer mode.’ In this mode, you can play the game with your friends and family and also worldwide. You can customize your own characters in the gameplay. You can fight with different creatures like; ZOMBIES, monsters, etc. Various types of weapons may be used to fight with enemies and monsters. If the player wins, he gets lots of coins, weapons, gems, and many other exciting surprises.

Single-player as an Offline mode:

If you are getting bored and have no internet connection, you can play this game offline with the computer. You can also play this mode when your friends and family members are not online. It is also known to be a “single-player game mode. In this mode, many zombies can attack you at a time from all your sides, and you have to be careful. In this mode, you can increase your equipment and other chances of gaining and unlocking various costumes.


A newly introduced shooter game is ‘pixel gun Mod.’ A lot of gems, coins, weapons, and unlimited costumes are available for gratis. Both online and offline modes are available to play. You have to discover new weapons and characters in every upcoming stage. It is a customized game in which all the characters are customized. Many new features are still updated in this game day-to-day. In your free time, you can play this game to as not to bored. It increases your mental strengths and makes you focused on making all the true decisions of your life. The data of the game is secured and never. You can connect your I’d of the game with Facebook. Enjoy this game!

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What's new


UPDATE 21.3 is available. Make way to the center of the Earth!

- Deep Mining Battle Pass Season. Lead an expedition into an unknown world
- Super Portalius Set. He's back and he's more dangerous
- Dino Lottery. They are lurking in the deep
- Chosen by the Crystal Set. Master the Gravilit power
- Map: Lost World
- Veteran Chest. Get cool rewards at Lv 65

- Free Play improvements
- Matchmaking improvements
- Improved indication in battle



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