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There are hundreds of millions of WhatsApp users around the world. As well as all the other security features, backup is available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or never basis. If you want to back up your data, including your WhatsApp chats, you must select an option instead of “Never.” You need backup before changing your mobile device or if you are conscious about your chats.
If you did not create a backup for your WhatsApp, then let’s first create one by following the given steps.

WhatsApp backup on android:

⦁ For creating a backup on Andriod, first of all, open WhatsApp and open the menu by clicking 3 vertical dots on the top-right corner.
⦁ After clicking 3 dots, a dropdown list will be seen where you tap on “settings.”
⦁ Tap on “chat” in settings.
⦁ In chats, tap on the “chat backup” option.
⦁ There what will see a green button with “backup”. Tap on it for manual backup if you haven’t chosen “backup to Google Drive”.

WhatsApp backup on iPhone:

⦁ Creating backup on iPhone is also easy as Andriod.
⦁ First of all, open your WhatsApp on a device and select setting by clicking the lower right corner of the home screen.
⦁ Now, select “chat” from the setting menu.
⦁ Tap on “chat backup” for going in chat backup settings.
⦁ In chat, the backup menu selects “Backup now” to start backing up right away for manual.
⦁ Or select “Auto backup” and change frequency for automatic backup.

Restore data from WhatsApp backup:

The process of restoring deleted WhatsApp data consists mainly of two steps.
1. what can use Google Drive to restore data
2. what can restore data from local storage.

what can use Google drive to restore data:

This is the most common method to restore data, which every WhatsApp user knows. In order to back up Google and WhatsApp via this method, both accounts should have the same number and email address.

⦁ To Restore your WhatsApp chat
⦁ First of all, uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it from Playstore.
⦁ Now, open a new WhatsApp and complete the verification of the number.
⦁ When prompted, tap on “Restore” to back up all your data, including chat, from Google Account.
⦁ Then, press “next,” and after completion of the process, what will see your old chat again on your screen.
⦁ First, your chat will restore and then all media files.

Restore Data from Local Storage:

Using a local backup device doesn’t save your data from hackers, and another disadvantage is physical damage to your device, in which you can lose your data permanently. So having a copy on the cloud is the best decision anyway.

So, if it’s not in your preference for some reasons and you want to restore data from local storage, then follow the steps given below:

⦁ First of all, uninstall your WhatsApp and reinstall it again by using Playstore.
⦁ Now, open your installed WhatsApp and tap Agree & continue.
⦁ After that, select your country and put your number, and then press “Next.”
⦁ Now complete your number verification.
⦁ After completing the process, WhatsApp will detect existing Backup files on the device.
⦁ Now press “Restore” on the Screen.
⦁ Same as Google drive, first, your chat will restore and then all your media files.

Even so, Local Storage does have some advantages, such as restoring data if WhatsApp was deleted accidentally.

Follow these steps to get started

⦁ Go to your device’s “My File” app
⦁ When your device has SD Card, you will find “internal Storage” or “SD Card.”
⦁ Tap “WhatsApp” then “Database” next
⦁ Locate the WhatsApp backup files without dates in the database folder.
⦁ If there is no such file, then you select the most recent file and erase its data. By following these steps, you need to be careful while editing

file names that don’t change the number of crypt Extensions.

⦁ For example, file with the name of (msgstore.2017-08-07.crypt12).
⦁ Erase date it will be like (msgstore.crypt12). don’t change extension (crypt11, crypt12, crypt13.)
⦁ After successfully editing files, follow the above steps to restore WhatsApp data from a local device.

Frequently asked a question:

Q. No 1: is WhatsApp backup safe?

Answer: WhatsApp is the most secure chatting app. Although chats are an end-to-end encrypted policy, your personal chat can’t save on the WhatsApp server and only visible to sender and recipient. This policy doesn’t extend to online backups stored like google drive and iCloud.

Q. No 2: can I use local backup for WhatsApp?

Answer: the local backup would be saved in the form of an encrypted file. You can restore your data to your local storage of the device or whatever you want by using backup files. WhatsApp will automatically detect those files and restore your data.

Q. No 3: is it safe to use local backup for WhatsApp?

Answer: it’s safe to have more than one copy of your data anyway. But local backups can be wasted due to physical damage to the device or deleting of files accidentally. Moreover, chances of the hacking device and using data get increased.

Q. No 4: can anyone read my deleted messages?

Answer: WhatsApp doesn’t offer such features, but it’s not totally impossible. There are many apps on playstore which offer services of reading deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Q. No 5: what happens if you don’t backup WhatsApp?

Answer: the backup that hasn’t been updated in a year will be deleted automatically from your google drive. If you haven’t backup your data, then once they are deleted, there is no such way to get back those chats from WhatsApp.

Final verdict:

In this article, we cover all the details regarding how to back up WhatsApp data. During this most advanced century of the internet, we have many ways to save our valuable data and retrieve the data whenever and wherever we want. But we can’t ignore the fact that cybercrime is a reality and that it can be used for nefarious purposes. WhatsApp gives users the most secure services, as backing up data adds to the security and comfort of the user. This means the user will not lose their data but will be able to retrieve old chats whenever they like. Additionally, you can request account information from the App and have it in written form. You will receive the document of required information via email.


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